as individual as you are

The interactive fitness system for private use has several 200° Field of View cameras and various artificial intelligences that analyse and coach you during your training session in three-dimensional space.

In order to optimally adapt the perspective of the AIRIS to the room conditions, the system has three differently inclined supports. These allow the viewing angle of the AIRIS to be optimized according to the positioning height.

Your entire body surface as well as joints and your movement patterns are reliably recognised. AIRIS will become your personal trainer. Flexible, always everywhere you are.

Short Performance Runs:

Optimise your athletic skills such as reaction time and short running distances.

Motion Games:

With the demand for effectiveness, games have been developed that continuously improve your cognitive and physical skills. You can choose from numerous games to increase your endurance, strength, speed or agility.


AIRIS coaches and gives you individual feedback on your performance of various fitness exercises.

Trackable Workouts:

Comprehensive workouts for all muscle groups. AIRIS counts the repetitions for you. Concentrate only on the exercise

Video Workouts:

Numerous fitness courses for more variety and muscle building.

The interactive training system gives you individual feedback, counts repetitions and motivates you to reach your goals. For training on the 2×2 m performance mat, you can choose between short performance runs and numerous games, workouts and coaching sessions according to your needs.

This allows you to flexibly train your reaction speed, endurance, cognition and all muscle groups. The foldable floor mat is made of durable foam with a vinyl coating. The white markings on the mat serve the artificial intelligence and the athlete for orientation.

Our technology in your hands

 Soon in every app store: Even more flexible with AIRIS 2D tracking on mobile devices

AIRIS documents your successes, goals and your personal training plan on a clear dashboard.