AIRIS Business

No compromise when it comes to sport

The interactive fitness system has several 200° field of view cameras. This allows the specially developed artificial intelligence to perceive the athlete´s entire body surface.

From this, AIRIS analyses the athlete in all-encompassing way, e.g., with his joints or movement patterns in three dimensions.

Leave the documentation of the training progress to AIRIS

Performance Runs:

Optimise your athletic skills such as reaction time and speed on different running paths.

Motion Games:

With the demand for effectiveness, games have been developed that continuously improve your cognitive and physical skills. You can choose from numerous games to increase your endurance, strength, speed or agility.


AIRIS coaches and gives you individual feedback on your performance of various fitness exercises.

Trackable Workouts:

Comprehensive workouts for all muscle groups. AIRIS counts the repetitions for you. Concentrate only on the exercise.

Video Workouts:

Numerous fitness courses for more variety and muscle building.

As a digital personal trainer, AIRIS advises athletes professionally on how to carry out their fitness session, without any additional staffing. On the large 4×4 m Athletics Area, special performance runs for training speeds, reaction times, running paths and lateral movements, etc. are analyzed in particular detail.

Motion games also become even more challenging and effective on the large training area. The specially developed training concepts push even professional athletes to their limits. The Athletics Area, consisting of a robust floor covering, becomes a professional training partner in combination with the AIRIS on the corresponding stand. Other sports can still be practiced on the static area.  

A small training surface, made for small rooms. The trainee is guided by AIRIS in the correct execution of his units. Incorrect execution is consistently indicated. Adapted to the 2 x 2 m performance mat, reaction speed can be trained in short performance runs.

Games and all other training concepts such as workouts and coaching can also be carried out effectively on the small mat area. AIRIS on this scale thus complements therapeutic facilities with a cost-effective and modern personal trainer. The foldable floor mat is made of durable foam with a vinyl coating. The white markings on the mat serve as orientation for the AI and the athlete.

By using the comprehensive analysis of all training data, AIRIS summarises the training progress of different athletes in descriptive overviews. Goals and successes are automatically recorded by the artificial intelligence. Manual documentation is not necessary. This makes it possible to measure training progress more quickly and to compare the performance of athletes with each other.