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Look Into Your Future

AIRIS digitises personal training. AIRIS advises trainers on how to carry out their fitness sessions without the need for additional staff. The large 4 x 4 m Athletics Area enables precise analysis of speeds, reaction times as well as running paths and laterality, etc.

AIRIS with AIRIS Athletics Area for 3,999.98 € (excl. VAT) plus 399.99 € (excl. VAT) monthly usage fee for commercial users.


Don´t Train Today Like Yesterday

The small mobile training surface fits into any room. The trainee is guided by AIRIS in the correct execution of his units. Incorrect execution is consistently indicated.AIRIS on this scale complements therapeutic facilities with a cost-effective and modern personal trainer.

AIRIS with AIRIS Performance Mat for 3,999.98 € (excl. VAT) plus 299.99 € (excl. VAT) monthly user fee for commercial users.

At home, everywhere, but correctly

AIRIS in combination with the Performance Mat also supports your training at home. Professional coaching, effective workouts and motion games are possible at any time.

AIRIS with AIRIS Performance Mat for 3,399.98 € (incl. VAT) plus 18,99 € (incl. VAT) monthly usage fee for private individuals

Our technology in your hands

Soon in every app store: Even more flexible with AIRIS 2D tracking on mobile devices.